Milan is a skyscraper metropolis, a city half avant-garde, half provincial, a mixture of risotto and steel.”

- Alberto Lattuada


Our Mission as Travel Experience Leaders

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Risotto & Steel took root between Milan’s skyscrapers and urban farmhouses with a mission to share exciting and diverse food & drink experiences in Northern Italy with visitors from around the world. We aim to celebrate the stories of artisans whose endless passion for food & drink inspires us.

This experience, one of best I've ever had, was a great surprise during my trip to Milan! Very informative and... delicious! 

— Carolina, Portugal


Tours in Milan

Our 2.5 or 5 hour walking tour of Milan offers a deep dive into the flavors and sips of this metropolitan oasis, an opportunity to taste a city surrounded by agriculture and whose modern flare situates its inhabitants in Europe as well as Italy.

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Tours of Northern Italy

In 2019, we ventured a few hours South of Milan to Liguria. Delicious and culturally rich, Liguria cuisine mixes old world flavors from the hills and fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea.


About Elizabeth

Credit: Andrea Wyner

Credit: Andrea Wyner

As mentioned in SAVEUR, Elizabeth is been leading food experiences in Milan since 2015. A passionate baker with 18 years in the food industry, she also founded Food Book Fair recognized in the NYTimes, TMagazine and Washington Post to name a few. She’s happiest in the kitchen learning from her mother-in-law “Nonna Lidia” who appeared in the Italy episode of Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat series on Netflix in 2018.

Born and raised in New York, she lives in Milan and Liguria with her Italian husband and their daughter.

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