Milan is a skyscraper metropolis, a city half avant-garde, half provincial, a mixture of risotto and steel.”

- Alberto Lattuda


Our Beginning

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Risotto & Steel took root in Milan in 2015. Between skyscrapers and urban cascina farmhouses — the truly modern and strikingly traditional — Milan and Northern Italy have endless stories to tell.

We offer select food tours based on your desire to eat where the locals eat and experience Italy through its gastronomic excellence.

Food industry veteran Elizabeth T. Jones founded Risotto & Steel as a means to tell Milan’s story to her food industry colleagues; in 2017 she opened her doors to visitors looking for expertise and fun!

This experience, one of best I've ever had, was a great surprise during my trip to Milan! Very informative and... delicious! 

— Carolina, Portugal

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Tours of Northern Italy

In 2019, we began leading custom tours of Liguria focused on traditional Liguria cuisine. We’re happy to help you plan your trip to Piemonte, Lombardia and Liguria. Experience custom and small group tours in these beautiful regions.


About Elizabeth

Credit: Andrea Wyner

Credit: Andrea Wyner

Telling stories at the intersection of food systems and food culture since 2002, Elizabeth moved to Milan from NYC as part of team USA at Expo Milano also known as the World’s Fair. As food marketing strategist with clients in Italy and NYC, she is also the founder of the Food Book Fair recognized in the NYTimes, TMagazine and Washington Post. She’s happiest in the kitchen learning her Italian mother-in-law’s family recipes.

Her Milan food tour was recently mentioned on SAVEUR.

Born and raised in New York, she lives in Milan with her Italian husband and their daughter.

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